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Constellation Caelum (Graving Tool)

Constellation Caelum (Graving Tool)

Southern Hemisphere


Graving Tool


The Graving Tool (lat. Caelum) is a very inconspicuous constellation of the southern hemisphere. It covers an area of 125 square degrees and only two stars reach the fifth magnitude.

How to spot Caelum

The stars of Caelum form a curved line. The constellation is located south of Lepus, framed by Eridanus, Columba, Pictor and Horologium.


After the invention of the telescope, the French astronomer Nicolas de Lacaille named some constellations of the southern hemisphere that had not been recognized before. Unlike the 48 constellations of antiquity, which bear the names of mythological figures, he often used the name of technological novelties for the new constellations. The graving tool was used to engrave steel and copper. This way, for example, the printing plates for books were created.