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Constellation Corona Australis (Southern Crown)

Constellation Corona Australis (Southern Crown)

Southern Hemisphere


Southern Crown

Corona Australis

The Southern Crown (lat. Corona Australis) is a small and inconspicuous constellation. With an area of 128 square degrees, it extends in the southern hemisphere. The brightest stars reach the fourth magnitude.

How to spot Corona Australis

In keeping with mythology, Corona Australis can be found near Sagittarius. The arc of not too bright stars is best seen in summer. Other neighboring constellations are Telescopium, Altar and Scorpius.


The constellation is to reflect the honorary wreath of Krotos. As the son of Pan and Eupheme he grew up full of zest for life and later became the inventor of archery and a great artist. The honorary wreath was a gift from the muses, who constantly admired him. After his death, Krotos was sent to the sky as Sagittarius, and his wreath in the form of Corona Australis lingers at his side.