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Constellation Corvus (Crow)

Constellation Corvus (Crow)

Southern Hemisphere




With four stars of the second and third magnitude, the Crow (lat. Corvus) is an easily recognizable constellation in the southern hemisphere. It was already recognized by Ptolemy and counted among the 48 constellations of antiquity.

How to spot Corvus

In keeping with mythology, the constellation of Corvus is located near the Cup and Hydra. It covers an area of 184 square degrees. The best time for observations are the months of March to May, since it is a constellation of spring.


The crow appears in one of the Greek mythologies about Apollo, who sent it with a cup to a spring to bring him water. However, on the way there, the crow was distracted by fruits and therefore fulfilled its mission much later. To appease Apollo, the crow came up with an excuse: At the spring, it found a sea serpent that it first killed and then slandered, claiming that it had blocked the access to the water for days. Apollo, however, recognized the untruthfulness and put the three parties in warning to all liars in the sky.