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Constellation Pyxis (Compass)

Constellation Pyxis (Compass)

Southern hemisphere




Due to its three stars with a magnitude of 3 or 4 the Compass (lat. Pyxis) is a rather inconspicuous constellation in the southern hemisphere. It extends over 221 square degrees.

How to spot Compass

The Compass is located south of the Hydra and north of the Sails between the Air Pump and the Stern. In the southern hemisphere it is best to see in winter.


Nicolas de Lacaille, who divided the former largest constellation Argo Navis into the ship's Sails, Stern and Keel, recognized another constellation to the west of it and named it Pyxis, the ship's compass. From 1750 to 1754, the French astronomer observed the southern hemisphere and distinguished the positions of about 10,000 stars.