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VIPs in the stars

Special people deserve special memories. That's why we at Star Registration have decided to dedicate a very own star to these extraordinary personalities. With their life's work, they changed the world - we don't want to forget that.

Find the stars of special personalities in the night sky

By entering the new name of the star into the central Star Register, it is now also possible for you to discover the stars of special people in the night sky. Simply enter the corresponding registration number in the search field and the star will be displayed. The Star Finder App can also help you discover specific stars in the night sky and learn more information about the star.

About Star Registration

At Star Registration, you too can name your own star. Whether it should be a single or a binary star, or even a star from a constellation, is entirely up to you. Name the selected star as you wish and choose the desired baptism date. In addition to an individual dedication, you can personalize the Star Certificate with many different extras, such as a necklace with the zodiacal sign of your choice. When naming a star, it includes a certificate, a celestial map and the entry in the Star Register ⭐

Our VIPs - Names in the starry sky

VIP Date of entry Registration Number
Michael Collins 28. April 2021 4615-63299-4777147
Prinz Philip 09. April 2021 7003-88493-4956265
Stephen Hawking 14. March 2018 6903-88494-7082348
Nelson Mandela 05. December 2013 xxx
Neil Armstrong 25. August 2012 7727-88430-9618080
Steve Jobs 05. October 2011 xxx
Albert Einstein 18. April 1955 3396-88446-6725609
Sophie Scholl 22. February 1943 xxx
Marie Curie 04. July 1934 xxx

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  • Standard
    Single Star in the Night Sky
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    $ 39.90
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    Nombra una estrella visible garantizada.

    Visible durante todo el año

  • Constelación
    Constellation Big Dipper in the night Sky
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    $ 59.90
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    Nombrar una estrella visible en una constelación

    Muy fácil de localizar

    Recomendado para Astro-Layman

  • Estrella binaria
    Binary stars in the Night Sky
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    $ 99.90
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    Nombra un sistema estelar binario

    Dos estrellas en órbita muy brillantes

    Recomendado para parejas

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Tu certificado será impreso en papel de alta calidad, así que es el regalo perfecto. Por consiguiente, garantizamos que tu certificado permanecerá imperecedero y con colores brillantes de por vida.

Celestial map showing named star

Mapa celestial

Recibirás una carta estelar individual preparada sólo para ti. Usando este mapa estelar, podrás orientarte sin esfuerzo en el cielo nocturno y localizar tu estrella en segundos.


Tu estrella será registrada en el Registro. A través de un número de nombre único, que también aparecerá en tu certificado, puedes recuperar tu registro en cualquier lugar del mundo, en cualquier momento.