The perfect anniversary gift


"Love is the wonderful feeling of reaching for the stars without having to stand on tiptoes."

– Klara Löwenstein

A year of love and passion with all the ups and downs. The next anniversary is to be celebrated in a special way, but it still lacks the appropriate gift. After all, it should not only be a nice gesture, but also express the meaning of the relationship. What could be more beautiful than perpetuating the love in the universe? With a look into the starry sky your favorite person can recognize your boundless affection. Name a Star with a personal dedication and order a crystal star or heart that your partner can always have close.

Name a Star now!

All offers include


Your certificate will be printed on high-quality premium paper so it's the perfect gift. Consequently, we guarantee that your certificate will remain imperishable and brightly coloured for a lifetime.

Celestial Map

You will receive an individual star chart prepared just for you. By using this star chart, you will be able to effortlessly orient yourself to the night sky and locate your star within seconds.


Your star will be registered in the Registry. Through a unique naming number, which will also appear in your certificate, you can retrieve your record anywhere in the world, at any time.

Our offers

  1. Name a visible Star

    This is our standard package

  2. Name a visible Star in a Constellation

    Very easy to locate

    Recommended for Astro-Laymen

  3. Name a binary star system

    Two very bright orbiting Stars

    Recommended for Couples