A Star Certificate for Prinz Philip

A Star Certificate for Prinz Philip

His Highness Prince Consort

The Duke of Edinburgh, Husband of Queen Elizabeth II for 73 years brought Britain's Monarchy into the 20th Century. Prinz Philip who was known as “The first gentleman in the land”, considered it his personal mission to shepherd the English monarchy trapped in the 19th century into the modern world.

Why does Prince Philip deserve his own star?

When the tall and handsome Prinz Philip married Crown Princess Elizabeth on November 20th 1947, he was 26 and she was 21. Britain was recovering from World War II and the effects of the abdication of Edward VIII over his beloved Wallis Simpson were still having repercussions after almost ten years.

All this upheaval made his life mission to work towards the preservation of Britain, of the throne and of centuries of tradition. For this we have to name a star after him. He deserves his own star!

Registration Number 7003-88493-4956265

The life of Prinz Philip

Prinz Philip was born Prince in Greece the 10th of June, 1921 in Mon Repos, a villa of the Greek Island of Corfu, born into the Greek and Danish royalty. His father was Prince Andrew and his mother was Princess Alice. From birth he was in line for the succession of Greece and Denmark being the only son, fifth and final child of his family.

As a baby he was evacuated from Greece in a ship with his mother and siblings after his father, Prince Andrew, was forced to abdicated then captured and banished by a revolutionary Turkish court in 1922 after the Greco-Turkish War. They settled in Paris where he was raised as a Greek Orthodox Christian.

His youngest brother Lord Louis took parental responsibility for Prinz Philip during his youth since his mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his childhood. In 1933 he studied in Germany at Schule Schloss Salem but with the rise of Nazism the school moved to Scotland and renamed Gordonstoun where he went to continue his studies.

In 1939 he attended the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth where he graduated as the best cadet in his course. He served the British forces during World War II.

He was then promoted to lieutenant in 1942 and was one of the youngest first lieutenants at age 21. He also participated in various battles like the battle of Crete, the battle of Cape Matapan and the Allied invasion of Sicily.

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited the Royal Naval College along with her daughters Elizabeth and Margaret in 1939. He escorted the King's two daughters' visit where Elizabeth fell in love with Philip. Consequently they started dating and in 1946, Philip asked for his daughter's hand in marriage to the King. He agreed and the engagement was formally announced to the public on 10th 1947.

Prinz Philip´s duties and milestones

Philip as consort to the Queen supported his wife in her duties as sovereign throughout his lifetime. In 1956 he founded with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award together with Hurt Hann to give young people “a sense of responsibility to themselves and their communities”. He also visited the Antarctic becoming the first royal to cross the Atlantic Circle.

In 1957 in Canada, being appointed to the Queen's Privy Council for Canada, he spoke about his views on republicanism stating: “It is a complete misconception to imagine that the monarchy exists in the interests of the monarch. It doesn´t. It exists in the interests of the people. If at any time any nation decides that the system is unacceptable, then it is up to them to change it”.

He became the first of the royal family to be interviewed on television. Philip was patron of some 800 organizations, particularly focused on the environment, industry, sport and education.

Prinz Philip retired from his royal duties on August 2nd 2017, aged 96, meeting Royal marines in his final solo public engagement. Since 1952 he had completed 22,219 solo engagements. He was also thanked by Prime Minister Theresa May for “a remarkable lifetime of service”.

Philip died of “old age” on the morning of April 9th 2021 at Windsor Castle, two months before his 100th birthday.

A dedication

Although Prinz Philip was the man who walked two paces behind the Queen, he embraced his royal role as a job to be done. “We have got to make this monarchy thing work”, he was reported to have said. And he did, for sure. Therefore, Prinz Philip star naming is necessary. A very special star was named only for him. You can spot his Registered Star in the night sky from anywhere using the Star Finder App under registration number 7003-88493-4956265.It will serve as a reminder of his dedicated soul.