The interpretation of the stars

The interpretation of the stars


Every night the stars sparkle brightly in the sky and everywhere in the world people look up to them. For many of those people, however, it is not just a recurring natural spectacle; the stars are often associated with events and processes on Earth. This interpretation of the connections between astronomical and earthly events is called astrology.

History of Astrology

Long before Christ, people in various cultures practiced astrology. In addition to the interpretations in China, India and Mesopotamia, the Western world also recognized the peculiarity of the stars. For many centuries there was no clear difference between astrology and astronomie. Only at the time of the Enlightenment a difference was defined. In the 16th century the Greeks gave astrology its present name (ancient Greek: "astron" = star and "logos" = doctrine). While astrology nowadays is more connected with human horoscopes, early astrologers used to interpret the position of stars for earthly processes such as weather, agriculture or medicine.

The Horoscope as the Center of Astrology

The horoscope shows the positions of all celestial bodies in relation to a certain place and a certain time. The basic elements of a horoscope are often the zodiac, the planets and the position of the stars. A particularly well-known type is the birth chart. According to astrology, the position of stars and other celestial bodies at the time of a person's birth has an important influence on their character traits.

Astrology in different cultures

Each culture has its own view of astrology. The interpretations of the stars have different influences on people and their environment at different times and under different circumstances. However, the signs of the zodiac have a special significance in all cultures. In the following we give you an overview of all zodiacal signs of the different cultures.

Zodiac signs of different cultures

Western Signs of the Zodiac

Chinese Signs of the Zodiac

Mayan Signs of the Zodiac

Indian Signs of the Zodiac