Full Moon & New Moon

Full Moon & New Moon

Influence of full moon and new moon

Many spiritual institutions take for granted that the moon influences not only the tides, but also plants and creatures. In fact, there is scientific evidence that the ionization in the air adapts to the moon and the gravity increases at new and full moon. In the following, the origins and influences of the full moon and new moon are explained in more detail.

Full Moon

A full moon rises when the Earth stands between the moon and the Sun. The side of the moon that can be seen from Earth is completely illuminated at this time. The full moon ensures a particularly high ionization, so that the body cells surrounded by bioenergy are increasingly activated. Therefore, it often comes to stimulus flooding in this time!

New Moon

The new moon appears in the sky when it is between the Earth and the Sun. It is therefore illuminated only from the side that cannot be seen from the earth. Therefore it can only be observed by the naked eye as a shimmering plate when the sky is clear. The new moon influences the tides even more strongly than other moon phases, therefore it affects also other water sources of the earth, as for example the water balance of plants. It is said that with each new moon a new beginning is particularly easily!