Indian Astrology

Indian Astrology

Astrology in India

Indian astrology is also called "Vedic astrology" because it is based on the collections ("Vedas") of religious Hindu manuscripts. In contrast to the western signs of the Zodiac, the position of the moon determines the sign of the zodiac in the Vedic astrology. Therefore, the astrology of India is also called "moon astrology".

Indian Astrology in Everyday Life

In India, astrology is an important part of the life of an individual person. For example, astrologers are asked about the best times for certain events, such as a wedding or the start of a project. Astrologers are therefore particularly respected in India and belong to the highest social class.

The Indian Signs

The signs of the Indian astrology are based on the Zodiac developed by the Babylonians, which is also the basis for the western signs of the Zodiac. However, the signs of the Zodiac are bound to the constellations and travel with them as they move due to precession. Therefore the periods of the Indian zodiac signs are recalculated every few decades.

In contrast to the western signs of the Zodiac, where the movement of the sun plays an important role, the Indian signs of the Zodiac are determined by the movement of the moon.

The Indian Horoscope

Meena (13/14 March - 13/14 April)

People with this sign of the Zodiac are often referred to as daydreamers. They are very sensitive and emotional, but their everyday life is often too monotonous. That is why they often live in their own dream world. Despite this, they are independent and good business people.

Mesha (13/14 April – 13/14 May)

Activity, dynamism and self-confidence are qualities that describe Mesha people. They are goal-oriented and organized, but also very creative. If their expectations are not fulfilled (even by themselves), they can often seem arrogant.

Vrishaba (13/14 May – 14/15 June)

People with this sign of the Zodiac are sincere and honest. You can always rely on them. They go their way resolutely and perseveringly, but also calmly and thoroughly. They attach particular importance to their social environment and their own safety.

Mithuna (14/15 June – 15/16 July)

Mithuna people possess a very lively spirit. They are creative and often have artistic talents. Opposite to this is the volatility of the zodiac sign - concentration and making decisions are often difficult.

Kataka (15/16 July – 16/17 August)

For Kataka people, the family always is the most important aspect in life. The sign of the Zodiac is characterized by care and helpfulness. At the same time they are especially emotional and tend to inner insecurity.

Simha (16/17 August – 16/17 September)

Although Simha people are extremely self-confident, they feel dependent on the recognition of other people. They like to focus on themselves and love compliments. As a result, they are very sociable, but also generous and helpful.

Kanya (16/17 September – 16/17 October)

Kanya people are perfectionists. They are structured, thorough and tend to approach their lives cognitively. Their own safety is always in the foreground, which is why they often appear anxious. Nevertheless, they are very helpful and social.

Thula (16/17 October – 15/16 November)

People with this sign of the Zodiac don't like to be alone. They are open-minded, adaptable and very willing to compromise. Especially because of their willingness to compromise, their own desires often suffer from the ideas of their fellow human beings.

Vrishika (15/16 November – 15/16 December)

Temperament and passion characterize Vrishika people. They actively shape their lives and follow their goals without detours. They often seem very self-confident, but long for the protection of their fellow human beings.

Danur (15/16 December – 14/15 January)

Danur people are extremely positive and optimistic. They are driven through life by an idealism, accompanied by happiness. However, they should be cautious as soon as they tend to overestimate themselves.

Makara (14/15 January – 12/13 February)

Ambition and energy are the drive of the Makara people. They are reluctant to deviate from their principles, and a certain spontaneity is also difficult for them. Because of their ambition, the private life of this sign of the Zodiac often suffers. This is made even more difficult by the fact that they are reluctant to express their feelings.

Kumdha (12/13 February – 13/14 March)

Independence and freedom are the foundation in the lives of Kumdha people. Nothing is more important for them than to realize themselves and to distinguish themselves from others. Because of this they often suffer from boredom when they stay too long in one place with the same people.