Astrology of the Maya

Astrology of the Maya

Mayan Astrology

The Mayan culture uses a different calendar than the one normally used in the western society. This type of calendar was used by the Mayan civilization of Mesoamerica and in some parts of Guatemala City. The most outstanding calendar is the one that has 260 days: It was frequent in Mesoamerica since antiquity, is still in use in some areas of Oaxaca and in the highlands of Guatemala.

The origin of the Mesoamerican calendar is based on a system that was in common use for that region, beginning approximately in the 6th century BC. However, the Mayas were not the creators of this calendar, but the Aztecs adapted them and made the Mayan calendars the best documented and understood today. The calendar was made with a high degree of precision until the arrival of the Gregorian calendar. The calendar was designed until December 21, 2012, when the end of the world was defined.

There are different types of Mayan calendars, such as, for example, the sacred calendar or also called "Tzolkin" which is equivalent to 260 days. The tzolkin is combined with the 365-day calendar, commonly known as the solar cycle. It is also called "Haab" and forms a synchronized cycle that lasts 52 years. The Maya were based on lunar cycles, and on the cycle of Venus, with 584 days. In Mayan astrology different animals were assigned for certain dates. The characteristics of the zodiacal signs are shown below:

Lizard: December 13 to January 9

They are simple and radiate positive energy. They hate disorder and chaos. Their good vibe is contagious, and they have a cheerful character. Being with a Lizard is always a pleasure. They are obsessive with order and somewhat controlling but, however, do not do things for themselves. They like that others are responsible for leaving everything ready.

Monkey: January 10 to February 6

They are the soul of every party, characterized by their great sense of humor and their optimistic outlook on life. Monkeys are very sociable.

Falcon: 7 February to 6 March

They are very perceptive and have a dominant personality. They have a special capacity to remain equanimous before their difficult situations, this allows them to find better solutions and to arrive at good agreements. They are distinguished from other zodiacal signs by their honesty.

Jaguar: March 7 to April 3

It is the most passionate sign of the Mayan horoscope. Nothing is impossible for them, they are quite persuasive. They love risk and illegality, the more difficult the objective, the more emotion it provokes.

Fox: April 4 to May 1

They are characterized by their solidarity and dedication to others. They have the gift of helping and they are very correct people, they fight for justice and rights. They are defenders.

Snake: 2 May to 29 May

They have a lot of presence; their nature is sensual and flirtatious. They go through life with a lot of elegance and will never be unnoticed. Snakes are very cultured and ambitious. They enjoy solitude and like to have their own space.

Squirrel: May 30 to June 26

People of this zodiacal sign are hardworking and very delicate and have a good sense of humor. Their friendliness makes it easier for them to make friends wherever they are. They are expressive and dreamers.

Turtle: June 27 to July 27

They love life at home, enjoy being alone, but also dedicate themselves to their family. They like sedentary activities, you will never see them doing any extreme activity but, however, they love nature.

Bat: July 27 to August 22

They are leaders and stand out for their charisma. Those who were born at this time have a special talent for solving problems. Clarity is a quality that helps them to have firm goals and to reach them. They have enough energy and do not respect the limits.

Scorpion: August 23 to September 19

They seem to be broad-minded, but in reality, they are rigid-minded and hate change. They are analytical and calculating. They may be good at listening, but very reserved for telling an intimate story. They are active and speak only when they believe they have something important to contribute.

Deer: September 20 to October 17

They're quite sensitive and sentimental. They live in love and have enough love to give, but they demand the same and so they are emotionally demanding. They need their lives to run in harmony and peace. They are sincere and have a lot of willpower. They are usually very innocent, so much so that sometimes they abuse their naivety.

Owl: October 18 to November 14

They are very sociable and intuitive. They are also wise by nature and irremediable advisors. They are usually very spiritual and the most important thing for them is their inner world.

Peacock: November 15 to December 12

They have a need to stand out from others. They are unique and all the time they want to prove it. They are extremists, it's either all or nothing. They don't settle for something in between. Although they aspire to a quiet life, they are complicated in nature. They like to win and do things right the first time. They are original and non-conformist, which is why they often come unsatisfied.

The Tzolkin Mayan calendar is given by a calendar of 260 days divided into two cycles of 13 days and another of 20 days, meaning the ordered count of days. The Mayan people realized that they could not measure time as such, but that they could see the qualities of time. They discovered that each kin (= day) has a certain type of energy that interacts with each of us. The date of birth has specific energetic qualities. Knowing these qualities can help us to better understand our life instead of going against it. Tzolkin was the most widespread Mayan calendar in Mesoamerica and served to govern material and spiritual life.

To understand the tzolkin of a person it is necessary to read in a serpentine form, column by column, indicating first that the time is not the same, there are good times and other bad, such as health and other disease, times of abundance and others of limitation. The reading is cyclical, when it reaches the energy frequency of the number 260 returns to the number 1. The same time measures the cycle of a human pregnancy, so counting Tzolkins allows you to be aware of the stages you are living. It is thought that everything has life, so you can read and understand the energy of the day to make awareness of personal cycles. To make a more accurate reading is necessary a deeper study to make a correct reading.