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Name a Star for your Mom

Give a unique mother's day gift by naming a star for her.

Name a real star

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A unique present for your Mom

Naming a star for your mom is one of the most unique & thoughtful gifts you can give. The gift set comes with personalized documents wrapped in a beautiful presentation folder, access to our Planetarium app, and a unique registration number!

Visible Stars

We only name stars that are guaranteed visible, so you and your mom will find the star within minutes and without any additional tools required.

Star Register App

To find the named star even easier, you can download our iOS or Android app, enter your registration number and let your phone guide you!
*app is not required

Our Reviews

See reviews from people who named a star for their Mom

This was purchased for my wife as a Mother’s Day gift, which she loved! There was a minor issue with shipping (shipping service’s fault). Customer service made things right - super friendly and simple process. Would definitely buy again! FYI, purchased the very bright star package.

Brandon Kocher

So personal and touching. I ordered for my sister’s birthday and she loved it. The star necklace was the perfect accompaniment. Very fast delivery. Exceeded expectations.

Paul McCarley

This was a gift for my mother. This Binary stars were named after my grandparents. She cried alot and she was so happy that she can go out and look to the sky and feel like her parents are watching right over her. This is a beautiful keepsake and very sentimental. Thank u for helping make my moms christmas so special.

Vivian Nieves

I bought 2 stars for my mother and her husband for Christmas. They truly loved it and is very happy with it. It is truly a special gift to offer to another person. To know everytime you look up in the night sky, their is a Star named after you now!


It was a name day gift for my mother, she was so happy with it! Thank you for the fast delivery, all the great options and everything!

Nathalie Arseneault

Awesome it was the best gift for my mother for mothers day she loved it she said "awe now im a star" 🌟 i told her "you've always been a star in my eyes... Love you momma

April Jenkins

My daughter had this idea for a mother's day gift for her mother. It was an awesome idea and she loved it. It was different than flowers or candy and it's something that will last forever. Thank you for making this mother's day a completely special occasion. Thanks, Arnold

Arnold Vevang

It was in good shape when it arrived at my house for a mother's day present for my mom and she appreciated it to. I would suggest it to anyone.

Hayley Wilson

My mother cried tears of joy at her new gift. It really meant a lot to her. Thanks for helping me make her so happy! 🙂


Our gift set includes

Certificate & Star map for the named star

Certificate & Star Map

You will receive a personalized star certificate for your named star. We offer a large selection of different designs, as well as the possibility to add a personal dedication.

In addition, you will receive your own star map, on which all important information about the location of your star can be found.

Factsheet and app for the named star

Factsheet & App

In addition, each star naming set contains a beautifully designed sheet with helpful tips and information that will help you find your named star in the night sky.

Access to our app offers a special experience in the search for your star! Your phone will guide you where to look at to find your named star at any date and time!

Star Registration Gift Folder

Premium Gift Folder

All your documents are packed in a beautiful presentation folder. So they are not only particularly well protected, but also directly ready to give away as a gift!

It also contains some interesting information about the star registration itself and the documents included.

Star Finder App

iphone mockup

Find your star with ease

Simply enter your registration number and our app will guide you to the named star.

Augmented Reality

Your phone will exactly guide your eyes to the position of the star at any time of the day.


Install our app on Android or iOS

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Our Gift Packages

  • Name a Star Standard
    $ 39.90 $ 54.90
    Christmas Special - Save US$15.00
    • Name a single star
    • Visible to the naked eye
    • Beautiful gift set
    • Star Register entry
    • Online access to the Register
    • Planetarium App download
    • Factsheet about your star

    Estimated delivery: before

    Digital PDF in advance
  • Name a Binary Star
    $ 99.90 $ 149.90
    Christmas Special - Save US$50.00
    • Name aÊdouble star
    • Visible to the naked eye
    • Beautiful gift set
    • Star Register entry
    • Online access to the Register
    • Planetarium App download
    • Factsheet about your star

    What makes this special?

    • Very easy to locate
    • Two stars orbiting each other
    • Brightest & largest stars

    Estimated delivery: before

    Digital PDF in advance

Frequently Asked Questions

Why naming a star is the perfect Gift for Mother's Day?

Mom's are truly our stars in live and sometimes, especially if you're already out of house, they might forget about it. Make sure your Mom will always know that she is a real star to you by naming a star for her! Hand over a personalized star certificate!

Will my mom be able to see the named star?

Yes, every star we name will be clearly visible from anywhere in the world with no tools required. Additionally, you can download our app, which makes it even easier to locate the star. So you can go beneath the night sky with your mom to find her named star!

Can I customize the Certificate?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of designs so that you can hand over a personalized gift certificate for Mother's day! Write a personal dedication and tell your Mom why she is a star to you!

For which occasions do most name stars?

Mother's day is definitely a favorite occasion to name a star, but our customers also name stars for birthdays, christenings, birth, and many other occasions.

Will it arrive before Mother's Day?

Yes, we will make sure that the gift arrives in time! Even if you are last-minute, we can register the star within 3 hours and send you the documents via E-Mail! We will make sure that you'll have a great gift!

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