Super Moon 2019

Super Moon 2019

Super Moon & Lunar Eclipse 

The Blood Moon last summer was already one of the most spectacular celestial events of the century. For almost two hours the full moon shone red from the sky and numerous people observed the nightly sensation. Now the so-called Super Moon can be seen again on 21 January!

Super Moon and lunar eclipse at the same time

The natural event begins in the early morning hours of 21 January. The partial lunar eclipse is initiated around 4:30 am*. The total lunar eclipse then begins at about 5:40 a.m.* and reaches its climax around 6:10 a.m.*. One hour later the moon emerges again from the shadow of the earth.

What is a Super Moon?

The term Super Moon is not a recognized term in astronomy. It describes the event when the moon appears particularly close to the Earth. Due to its orbit, its distance to our planet changes over time. A Super Moon appears larger and brighter in the night sky. Learn more about the lunar rhythms here!

*All times in UTC+2