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Name a Star:
Give a Unique Gift that Shines Forever!

Name a star that is visible from the United States or your chosen location and receive a beautiful gift set including a star certificate, celestial map, and a factsheet for the named star.

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About Star Registration

Trusted by more than 500.000 customers across the globe and with over 10.000 positive 5-star reviews, we are the leading provider to name a star and create a memorable experience!

Name a star with us and get a beautiful star certificate, a customized star map & exclusive access to our star finder app.

Create an unforgettable & everlasting gift.

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Only visible stars

At our star naming service, we take great care in selecting stars that are visible from your continent year-round. To ensure that, we'll ask for your location during the naming process. Our proprietary algorithm then ensures that you will get a star that is guaranteed visible!

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The Star Register

We are proud to be the exclusive partner of Star-Register.com, the premier registry for naming stars. When you purchase a star with us, it will be registered on their platform, and you can access it anytime using their dedicated iOS and Android App.

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Quick Delivery

Thanks to our many years of experience and streamlined processes, we can quickly register your star and ship your documents within just 2 hours. And to make things even more convenient, we will also send your documents as a PDF in advance.

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5-Star Reviews

We're proud to say our customers love us. The proof? Our 5-star reviews are through the roof. From our speedy delivery to our well visible stars and responsive customer service, our customers consistently appreciate the care we put into our service. Naming a star is a unique experience, and we're here to make it special for everyone.

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"One of the most original gifts we've seen. Truly a gift that shines forever"

"A stellar way to celebrate special moments - naming a star is a gift that truly transcends the ordinary."

"A unique gift for those who have everything"

Star Finder App

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Find your star with ease

Simply enter your registration number, and our app will guide you to the named star.

Augmented Reality

Your phone will exactly guide your eyes to the position of the star at any time of the day.

Live Notifications

Get notified when your star rises above the horizon and gets visible

This app is one of the best I've used for stargazing! I highly recommend Star Registration in every aspect.

Michael J.

All offers include

Certificate & Star map for the named star

Certificate & Star Map

You will receive a personalized star certificate for your named star. We offer a large selection of different designs, as well as the possibility to add a personal dedication.

In addition, you will receive your personalized star map, which shows all important information about the location of your named star.

Factsheet and app for the named star

Factsheet & App

Each star naming set also includes a beautifully crafted sheet filled with useful tips and information, designed to assist you in locating your named star in the night sky.

Moreover, you'll gain access to our exclusive app, enhancing your star-searching experience. The app uses your phone to guide you, showing exactly where to look in the sky to find your named star at any given date and time.

Star Registration Gift Folder

Premium Gift Folder

All of your documents are neatly assembled in an elegant presentation folder, ensuring they are both well-protected and beautifully packaged, perfect for gifting.

This folder also includes intriguing details about the star registration process and the contents of your document package.

Customers ❤️ us

Read some of our more than 10.000 Reviews

Great customer service, great communication and timely delivery of both the pdf and the physical copy of the registration. Would recommend to others

Blair Anderson

Lovely company to deal with. Kept me informed of delivery throughout. Excellent customer service when I needed to contact them, speedy and helpful.

Jeanette Buckingham

I got the star for my wife for her Christmas present, She absolutely loves it. She tells me that it is the best present she has ever been given. We live in the country so the stars are out every night and she can be found gazing every evening. I can’t praise Star registration enough for their product and service it was magnificent.


My daughter lost her father and I thought no better way to keep her spirits up by naming a star after him. I thank you, you did a great, quick and convenient job.

Kathy Foraker

Amazing price quick service, and my partner absolutely loved it for valentines Day. It's really easy to do a really nice gift for anyone. The best part about it is that not everyone got one

Shaun Harvey

Ya it's a very unique gift . My wife was pleasantly surprised she didn't know that it was possible to name a star! A gift that any woman would love .

Terry Kozak

Name a Star

Full Gift Set on all Packages

All of our packages include a star certificate, celestial map, information sheets & the presentation folder!

Best Price Guarantee

Finding it cheaper somewhere else? We refund the difference

  • Name a Star Standard
    $ 39.90 $ 49.90
    Summer Special - Save US$10.00
    • Name a single star
    • Visible to the naked eye
    • Beautiful gift set
    • Star Register entry
    • Online access to the Register
    • Planetarium App download
    • Factsheet about your star

    Estimated delivery: before

    Digital PDF in advance
  • Name a Binary Star
    $ 99.90 $ 149.90
    Summer Special - Save US$50.00
    • Name a double star
    • Visible to the naked eye
    • Beautiful gift set
    • Star Register entry
    • Online access to the Register
    • Planetarium App download
    • Factsheet about your star


    What makes this special?

    • Very easy to locate
    • Two stars orbiting each other
    • Brightest & largest stars

    Estimated delivery: before

    Digital PDF in advance

Why Star Registration

Guaranteed visibility

Together with astronomers, we have developed our own algorithm to be able to name stars that never settle below the horizon.

Good to know

If you decide to name a star with us, you can rest assured that it will be clearly visible from your given country and even continent!

We are Experienced

Naming a star for someone is a unique gift, so everything should go smoothly. We have been naming stars since 2012 and all processes are carried out with the highest standards and efficiency.

Choose an expert

We are experts in naming stars since 2012 with over 10.000 positive reviews!

Star Finder App

Together with astronomers, mathematicians, and app developers, we created an app that calculates the position of your named star at any given time, no matter where in the world you are!

Helpful information

After buying a star, you can download our app. It will help you and the recipient of the gift to locate the named star at any given time and location.

Customer Stories

  • Couple on a hill above a city, looking into the night sky

    A Timeless Anniversary Gift: Evelyn and David’s Story

    Discover how Evelyn commemorated 10 years of marriage with a gift that reaches the stars. For their 10th anniversary, Evelyn named a star after her and her husband, David, through Star Registration. The star became a timeless symbol of their enduring love and a cherished part of their lives.

  • Couple on a snowy field, looking into the stars

    A Christmas Gift Among the Stars: Jeffrey’s Story

    Discover how a heartfelt Christmas gift illuminated Jeffrey’s wife’s evenings. Living in the countryside, they both cherished stargazing under clear skies. Jeffrey decided to name a star after his wife through Star-Registration.com. On Christmas morning, her joy was unmatched as she unwrapped the certificate. Now, each night, she gazes at her named star with awe and love.

  • Girl on a hill looking into the stars

    A Star to Remember: A Heartfelt Customer Story

    Discover how a simple yet profound gift brought comfort during a time of loss. One customer shares how naming a star after a friend’s late mother provided a lasting tribute and a sense of solace. Read this touching story from our Star Registration team and see why naming a star can be a meaningful way to honor a loved one.

Name a star

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Questions & Answers

How is it possible to name a star?

We are a star-naming company that has partnered up with the Star Register in order to make it possible to name stars in the night sky for private individuals.

After you placed the order with us, we submit all the information about the star to the star registry and get your star named within a few hours.

Good to know

We are an official partner of the Star Register, that allows us to name stars for individuals.

Can I name several stars?

Yes, that's absolutely possible. One individual can name several stars in the night sky. There are no restrictions when it comes to naming a star.

Good to know

You can name multiple stars without any doubts. Each star registration will get its own entry in the register with a unique registration number.

Name a Star for Someone Special

Discover the joy of naming a star with our renowned international star registry. Whether it's for a birthday, an anniversary, or to remember someone dear, naming a star after someone is a beautiful way to make a lasting mark in the sky. Many of our customers appreciate our straightforward and secure "name a star" process, choosing to mark life's significant occasions in this unique way.

An Eternal Gift

At Star Registration, we offer you the opportunity to immortalize someone’s name in the universe. Our internationally operating star registry ensures that each named star is recorded for posterity, making it a perfect gift that lasts beyond a lifetime. If you buy a star with us, each registration comes with a certificate that confirms the star’s new name and its coordinates in the sky.

The Star Naming Experience

Imagine a serene evening picnic under the stars, where you and your loved one search the skies for a star named just for them. Our star naming package turns this into reality, offering a beautifully crafted certificate and a detailed sky map to locate your special star. This unique gift doesn’t just last a lifetime—it enhances every glance at the night sky, creating lasting memories. Perfect for celebrating milestones, it's an intimate gift that promises magical nights under the stars.

Personalized Gift Documents

Make any celebration unforgettable with a personalized star registration certificate. This unique document not only marks the naming of your own star in the night sky but also serves as a beautiful keepsake that can be cherished for years to come. Each certificate is custom-tailored to include the name of the star, its celestial coordinates, and the date of registration, and allows the customer to choose their own design, making it a truly personal gift.

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