The zodiac sign Aries


Latin Name
Determined, confident, honest
Impatient, thoughtless, unpredictable
No obstacle is too big for me!
The zodiac sign Aries

Typical characteristics

Typical personality traits of the zodiac sign Aries are determination, passion, and honesty, but also thoughtlessness and boldness can describe them.

Just corresponding to the element of fire, they know their strengths exactly and learn how to use them targeted. They confidently master new challenges and are not afraid of any obstacles. They gladly take responsibility and are not discouraged by fellow fighters. Because in competitions, his ambition shows.

But although Aries are generally sincere and positive personalities, their stormy and dominant behavior also leads to conflicts. So, they are often described as unpredictable and impatient. Through unthinking actions, they appear selfish or even combative.

The Aries in love

Aries, a child of spring, is always open for new adventures. When they fall in love, their passionate side shows. They don't need a long getting-to-know-you phase and begin to make plans for the future early on. However, their impatient nature also carries the risk that they will quickly lose interest.

A person with the zodiac sign Aries is usually very warm-hearted and caring. In case of misunderstandings, he is not very resentful and can forgive a lot.

Aries gets along well with the astrological signs of Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Gemini.

Like Aries, Leo is also a strong leader. Both are active and want to constantly develop. A deep communication and the passion of creating is the basis of the relationship of these two signs. Their explosive characters sometimes clash, but it's only for a short time.

Sagittarius is also very active and full of life. Together they don't stop for anything. They are a strong and supportive team. Outdoor activities unfold the sense of freedom for these two independent signs.

With the bold Aquarius, Aries shares the cheerfulness and the pronounced imagination. The Aquarius has no problem accepting Aries's dominance. Both love their freedom and give each other space to grow.

For people with the zodiac sign Gemini, the leading hand of Aries is very attractive. He gives them a guiding direction they urgently need. Aries also enjoys his dominance in the relationship and is attracted by the changeability of the Geminis. Both restless explorers, there is a high potential for common ground.

Women and men in comparison

Women with the astrological sign Aries are very self-confident and know their worth. Their determination makes them true career women. They are considered to be lively but also sometimes moody. Although they are passionate, emotional, and romantic, their independence is very important to them.

The proud Aries man is loyal but can also be very dominant. Their unpredictable nature often makes them seem mysterious. He is considered to be very adventurous and can be jealous in relationships.

Both women and men with this astrological sign often act impulsively and are more restless beings.

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