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Constellation Aquarius

Constellation Aquarius

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Aquarius is the ninth largest constellation in the sky, yet it is not very noticeable. Only two of its stars are brighter than the third magnitude. Since the constellation lies on the ecliptic, it is one of the twelve Signs of the Zodiac. Even in ancient times, the Aquarius was of great importance, as it was associated with the rainy season.

How to spot Aquarius

With an area of 980 square degrees, the constellation can be seen in both hemispheres during fall, best in the month of September. Aquarius is surrounded by many constellations related to water, such as Pisces and Delphinus in the north, Cetus in the east and the Piscis Austrinus in the south.


Aquarius is associated with two persons of Greek mythology.

On the one hand, the constellation represents Ganymede, the once most beautiful man on earth. When Zeus saw the young boy on a visit to earth, he was hit by the Arrow of Cupid. He abducted the king's son of Troy into the Olympus and gave him the immortality, so that Ganymede had to work there forever serving the Gods as Aquarius.

Another narrative speaks of Deucalion, who survived with his wife a flood triggered by Zeus, by building a boat in advance. As the only humans on earth, they became the ancestors of humanity as they threw stones over their shoulders and young people grew out of them.