4 Gifts that are better than flowers

4 Gifts that are better than flowers

Whether it's a birthday, a wedding, or the loss of a beloved person, before gifting flowers, read our top 5 alternatives to gift so you won't be the 5th person handing over a bunch of flowers.

There are several occasions for which you'd prefer something more unique and longer-lasting than flowers.

A Birthday of a close friend or relative

An Anniversary gift, especially if it's a 10th, 20th or even higher one!

A sympathy gift when you want to gift something that will stay for a lifetime

A wedding gift, as flowers are already present! 

1. Name a Star

Yes, you heard it right! Naming a star for someone you love is a great way to give a gift that will stay for a lifetime. You will get a personalized star certificate, wrapped in a beautiful presentation folder that is just made to gift!

The recipient will also get a unique registration number that allows him to look up the star by using a Planetarium Software.

Naming a star is definitely a gift that will not only last longer than flowers, but also is a surprise that someone doesn't get every day!

Name a Star

2. A personalized Moon Poster

What did the moon look like on your birthday, wedding, or the day you met?
With a Poster of the moon from a specific date, you can hold on to that moment forever. Enter your Date, Location and a personal text and create your customized Moon Poster! 

The posters come in different designs and sizes, making them a great gift that will stay in the living room for longer than flowers!

Design a Moon Poster

3. A Zodiac Sign Necklace

Do you know the birthday date of the recipient? Then it's quite easy to figure out the star sign and get a necklace for him or her!

Get a Zodiac Sign Necklace

4. A personalized Night Sky Poster

Similar to the Moon poster, you can also calculate the stars for a specific date & location and hand over a modern night sky poster. The great thing about a poster is that it can get part of the interior design and therefore never be forgotten.
It takes ages until a Poster fades out, but only days until a bunch of flowers lose their color.

Create a Night Sky Poster



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