• Naming a Star Through NASA: Myths and Realities

    The concept of naming a star is one that captures the imagination. What could be more enchanting than having a celestial body bear your name or th...
  • Observing stars: Essential tricks and tips

    Observing stars: Essential tricks and tips

    With these helpful tips, your night under the stars will be extra special!
  • Planetarium App

    Discover the night sky with our planetarium app!
    Available for iOS and Android.

  • Star Registration Guide

    We've written some articles about naming a star, and some other interesting information around the universe. Naming a Star ...
  • Find your named star

    The time has come; you have received a Star Certificate and are on your way to find the named star in the sky. We are the only provider on the m...
  • The 5 best providers to buy & name a star

    Are you looking to buy & name a star in the night sky? There are several providers offering exactly that!  But when choosing your personal star...
  • FAQ: Naming & buying a star

    FAQ: Naming & buying a star

    Naming a star is popular amongst those looking for a unique gift or wanting to have a star named after themselves. In this article, we will explai...
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