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Star Mimosa

Star Mimosa

The star Mimosa, also called β Crucis, is the second brightest star in the constellation of Crux.

Facts about Mimosa

The distance from Mimosa to Earth is about 300 light-years. Furthermore Mimosa has an apparent magnitude of 1.25mag, which makes it one of the 30 brightest stars in the night sky. Moreover Mimosa has a spectrographic binary star component, but it is not resolvable with a telescope, because it is too close. But it can be said that the pair orbits each other at a distance of 8AE every 5 years. In addition, Mimosa is a Beta Cephei variable star, belonging to spectral class B0.5 III and probably the most powerful among the 1mag stars. The radius of Mimosa is 7.9 R and its surface temperature is 29,000K.