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Star Vega

Star Vega

The star Vega is the main star in the northern constellation of Lyra. In white light it is the brightest star in the northern sky and part of the great summer triangle. Because of its apparent brightness of 0.0, it was formerly used as a reference star for measuring brightness. The star is located, like the Sun, in the local interstellar cloud.

Facts about Vega

The star Vega is the fifth brightest star in the night sky and together with the constellations Swan and Eagle forms the Summer Triangle. It is 25 light years away from the earth and is therefore considered a very close star. Besides Arcturus and Sirius, Vega is also one of the brightest stars in the vicinity of the sun. Due to extensive research by astronomers on the star Vega, it is now considered one of the best studied and best known stars after the Sun. Vega, with its age between 386 and 572 million years, is one of the younger stars. It is a bluish-white star of spectral class A, which in its core fuses hydrogen into helium. In addition, Vega has 2.2 times the mass and 37 times the luminosity of the Sun. According to research, the star Vega is surrounded by a gas and dust disk, which has characteristics that indicate it has its own planet. But despite intensive research, no planet has yet been found for Vega. In addition, further research has shown that Vega rotates around its own axle in less than a day (the sun takes 27 days), giving it a distinctly flattened shape.