Elements of the signs of the Zodiac

Elements of the signs of the Zodiac

Each zodiacal sign is assigned to one element of life. The four elements earth, water, fire and air represent the way we perceive the world and ourselves.


Zodiac signs under the influence of the element earth are analysts. They are characterized by the need to achieve concrete results and to analyze every situation in their lives. They know what they want and what is good for them. It is easy for them to decide under difficult circumstances. Like the Earth itself, signs of the zodiac that are under its influence are particularly resistant and persistent. Furthermore, the signs of the earth are characterized by their ambition, their caution and their diligence. They prefer to be practical and realistic and to act. Even if they sometimes get lost, they always return to the right path.

Taurus is one of the three earth signs. It is down-to-earth and protects its territory. One should not stand in its way or cause any problems. The characteristics of the element of the earth can also be found in the character of Virgo: She analyses everything around her and often insists on her opinion. Capricorn is particularly resistant, persevering and diligent.


Zodiac signs existing under the influence of water are extremely sensitive. Most of them are family people, dreamers and romantics. They possess both imagination and instinct. Above all, however, they have a very emotional character: they experience joy just as strongly as melancholy and show their emotions openly and honestly.

The first sign of the zodiac under the influence of water is Cancer. It reflects a crystal clear, calm water. It has a philosophical depth in its thoughts and is extremely sensitive. The Scorpio is a rather turbulent water, because it moves from here to there and always tries to find answers to its questions. In keeping with their mythology, Pisces reflect a water with two opposing currents. They are often found at crossroads of life, leading in two different directions. They would like to live two dreams at the same time.


The element fire can be found clearly in the character traits of the corresponding zodiac signs. People born under the influence of fire are active, proud and passionate. They often dominate their fellow men and are very convinced of themselves. Fire signs act impulsively, they do not spend too much time thinking about their decisions. They are characterized by loyalty, extroversion, independence, efficiency and a high willpower.

Aries resembles a primary impulsive fire. Its enthusiasm sweeps all doubts out of the way, but often quickly vanishes again. Due to its impulsive nature, sometimes it gets into conflicts with his fellow human beings. In Leo burns a proud, continuous fire. Pride and triumph are words that describe the character of the zodiacal sign due to the fire element. To ignite the fire in a Sagittarius, there must be a cause. Sagittarius can control himself and his impulses better than the other fire signs. Nevertheless, he radiates a lot of warmth and optimism.


Intelligence, adaptability and criticism are only some of the characteristics of the signs of the zodiac that are under the influence of the air. Air signs love communication and interaction with other people and therefore often know nothing about loneliness. They are imaginative, creative and reflective. Yet they often lives in their mental world, a fantasy full of ideal creations of an imaginary universe.

Gemini reflect the lightness, reverie and curiosity of the air. Their opinions can suddenly turn in another direction as easily as the wind. Libra evokes a gentle breeze in search of harmony. The need for interaction and abstract life are particularly important for a Libra person. Aquarius represents the air that connects us all with each other and with the world itself. His mental abilities and his inclination towards the collective distinguish the Aquarius with regard to the element of the air.