Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo Zodiac Sign

The phlegmatic Virgo is influenced by Mercury and belongs to the element Earth. This symbolizes stability and naturalness.


People born under the sign Virgo are considered very decent people. Structure and care are the strengths of the Virgo. However, she needs to be busy all the time. The examination of all circumstances and the adaptation to external circumstances let the Virgo appear cold and surrounded by a certain silence. This is supported by the criticisms she likes to express to her fellow human beings. As a very diligent person, the Virgo can quickly and easily acquire knowledge, but through her correctness, she often loses herself in details. This can lead to pessimism, as well as to delayed activism. But with her charm and reliability, she makes up for it.


The Virgo needs a partner who not only shows her love and affection, but also elicits it in her. She gets along particularly well with the signs of the Zodiac Taurus, Cancer, Leo and Capricorn.

The Taurus can offer the Virgo a down-to-earth relationship. The traits of the two earth elements are very similar so that many commonalities arise. Financial security is worth more than emotional security to those two zodiac signs.

Cancer and Virgo can learn a lot from each other. Although the Cancer seems very closed at first glance, it opens devotedly to his confidants. The Virgo still lacks this a little bit, because she often cannot express her feelings due to her decent nature. Cancer, on the other hand, benefits from the structure of the Virgin, to which it can lean against.

Leo can be a kind of liberation for the Virgo. Its open-mindedness and charm can bring up Virgo's emotions. Through its adventurous nature, Leo attracts the Virgo, it becomes her role model. But also the Virgo can offer Leo what it demands: Attention and consideration.

There’s a lot of reliance on the Capricorn. It is as dutiful, loyal and orderly as the Virgo. Both signs of the Zodiac are a bit reserved, but express themselves after a while. Fundamental to this relationship is profound communication.


According to Greek mythology, this sign of the Zodiac symbolizes the daughter of the Goddess of Grain and Fertility Demeter and Zeus: Persephone. She was abducted by Hades, the god of the underworld, and taken as his bride. Zeus managed only that Persephone was allowed to spend half a year in the starry sky and thus to leave the underworld. Other sources suggest that the Virgo in the sky is the Goddess Dike who lived on earth when there was still peace. As humanity began to fight, she fled first into the mountains and finally into the sky.


The Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac and spans the celestial longitude of 150 to 179 degrees. In the tropical zodiac, the sun passes through this area of the zodiac between the 24th of August and the 23rd of September each year. In sidereal astrology, the sun wanders through the constellation from September 17th to October 31st.