Daughter and dad naming a star

A unique & thoughtful gift that he or she will never forget

Name a real star and hand over a unique & personalized gift that will shine for eternity.

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A unique gift idea!

Naming a star after someone is one of the most unique & thoughtful gifts you can give. The gift set comes with personalized documents wrapped in a beautiful presentation folder, access to our Planetarium app, and a unique registration number!

The best part is, that the whole gift is fully customizable so it's a great fit for any occasion.

Visible Stars

We only name stars that are guaranteed visible, so you and the gift recipient will find the star within minutes and without any additional tools required.

Star Register App

To find the named star even easier, you can download our iOS or Android app, enter your registration number and let your phone guide you!
*app is not required

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It was my girlfriend's 21st birthday, and I wanted to give her a gift that was truly special. That's when I decided to name a star for her. It was an unforgettable experience! Later that same night, we went outside to search for the named star in the night sky. Using the Star Finder app, we were able to locate it easily. It was an incredibly magical moment, and we couldn't believe how quickly we found it.

John Laro

This was a 50th Wedding Anniversary gift to dear friends who are star watchers, and they loved it!I wish the written message we included had been presented in larger text with some formatting.

Barbara Kurz

I ordered this for my Son and daughter-in-law to commentate their wedding day. The ordering process was easy and the turn around in production time and delivery was great. The follow up communications are excellent.

M. Reue

I bought it as a gift for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves it. I love that we can track it wherever we go.

Karen Wells

I'm giving this star registration to my girlfriend for Valentine's day. The certificates are very nice and the detail is great. I downloaded the app so I can find the star but I haven't had a chance to use it yet so I hope it's easy to locate.

Arthur Infante

Prompt delivery and my wife was so surprised fans excited! Thank you very much !!!

Michael Regan

Interesting concept! I love it that there is a star with my name on it..My husband was clever to have thought of this to get me as a gift!
You should let your concept be known to more people.

Angeline Fulton

My daughter thought this was the coolest gift ever for her 10th birthday. She was happy, so I was happy.

Chris Massey

I bought this as a gift for a friend who just lost her mother. She said it was the most beautiful gift she had received and had brought her to tears. How amazing knowing u can look up at night and know there’s a star out there just for you. Highly recommend this to everyone.

Laura Lea

All offers include

Certificate & Star map for the named star

Certificate & Star Map

You will receive a personalized star certificate for your named star. We offer a large selection of different designs, as well as the possibility to add a personal dedication.

In addition, you will receive your personalized star map, which shows all important information about the location of your named star.

Factsheet and app for the named star

Factsheet & App

Each star naming set also includes a beautifully crafted sheet filled with useful tips and information, designed to assist you in locating your named star in the night sky.

Moreover, you'll gain access to our exclusive app, enhancing your star-searching experience. The app uses your phone to guide you, showing exactly where to look in the sky to find your named star at any given date and time.

Star Registration Gift Folder

Premium Gift Folder

All of your documents are neatly assembled in an elegant presentation folder, ensuring they are both well-protected and beautifully packaged, perfect for gifting.

This folder also includes intriguing details about the star registration process and the contents of your document package.

Star Finder App

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Find your star with ease

Simply enter your registration number, and our app will guide you to the named star.

Augmented Reality

Your phone will exactly guide your eyes to the position of the star at any time of the day.

Live Notifications

Get notified when your star rises above the horizon and gets visible

This app is one of the best I've used for stargazing! I highly recommend Star Registration in every aspect.

Michael J.

Name a Star

Full Gift Set on all Packages

All of our packages include a star certificate, celestial map, information sheets & the presentation folder!

Best Price Guarantee

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  • Name a Star Standard
    $ 39.90 $ 49.90
    Mother's Day - Save US$10.00
    • Name a single star
    • Visible to the naked eye
    • Beautiful gift set
    • Star Register entry
    • Online access to the Register
    • Planetarium App download
    • Factsheet about your star

    Estimated delivery: before

    Digital PDF in advance
  • Name a Binary Star
    $ 99.90 $ 149.90
    Mother's Day - Save US$50.00
    • Name a double star
    • Visible to the naked eye
    • Beautiful gift set
    • Star Register entry
    • Online access to the Register
    • Planetarium App download
    • Factsheet about your star


    What makes this special?

    • Very easy to locate
    • Two stars orbiting each other
    • Brightest & largest stars

    Estimated delivery: before

    Digital PDF in advance

Name a star as gift

  • $ 29.90
    • Guaranteed visible Star
    • Personalized Star Certificate
    • Custom Celestial Map
    • Presentation Folder
    • Planetarium App

    What makes this special?

    • A gift for any occasion
    • Name a real star
    • Beautiful gift set

    Estimated delivery: before

  • Name a Binary Star
    $ 99.90 $ 149.90
    Mother's Day - Save US$50.00
    • Name a double star
    • Visible to the naked eye
    • Beautiful gift set
    • Star Register entry
    • Online access to the Register
    • Planetarium App download
    • Factsheet about your star


    What makes this special?

    • Very easy to locate
    • Two stars orbiting each other
    • Brightest & largest stars

    Estimated delivery: before

    Digital PDF in advance

The Perfect Gift for Her

Show her how much she means to you with a gift that's as unique and radiant as she is. Naming a star for her will not only sweep her off her feet but also give her a piece of the heavens to cherish forever. Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because, a star is a gift that keeps on giving, night after night.

Unique Gift Idea for Men

Struggling to find a meaningful gift for the man who has everything? Name a star in his honor! Whether he's a dreamer who looks up to the cosmos or simply appreciates thoughtful, unique presents, this is a gift that will truly stand out. Celebrate his special day with a star—it's the ultimate way to make his birthday, graduation, or retirement unforgettable.

Best Presents for Every Occasion

Discover the best presents that go beyond the ordinary—name a star for someone special! Whether you're shopping for Christmas, Valentine's Day, or a unique thank you gift, a star is a timeless gesture that expresses love, appreciation, and respect. Make your next gift unforgettable by choosing a star, a truly stellar gift idea for anyone on your list.

Gift That Leaves a Lasting Impression

Escape the mundane gift options and give something truly extraordinary. Naming a star is a unique present that not only leaves a lasting impression but also stands out from typical gifts. Ideal for special occasions or when you need to say a big thank you, a named star is a testament to your thoughtfulness and creativity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why naming a star is the perfect Gift?

Most of our customers are looking for something that the gifted person has not received previously, and as naming a star is not very common yet, it's still the perfect gift to surprise someone! Also, you can write your own dedication on the certificate itself!

Will the gifted person be able to see the star?

Yes, every star we name will be clearly visible from anywhere in the world with no tools required. Additionally, you can download our app, which makes it even easier to locate the star. So you can go out together with the gifted person to find his or her named star!

Can I customize the Certificate?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of designs so that you can hand over a personalized gift certificate with your dedication! We also provide specific designs for kids, so they'll love it as well!

For which occasions do most name stars?

Naming a star is an excellent gift for any occasion. Due to our personalized gift certificates, you can adjust it to be a great fit, from birthdays to sympathy gifts. Most people name a star as a birthday gift, wedding gift, or Christmas gift. But also, on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Anniversaries we get great feedback!

How long does it take to receive the gift?

We make sure that you will receive your gift in time! If you are ordering last-minute, we can always send you the documents by E-Mail in advance. The electronic delivery takes about 2-3 hours.

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