Daughter and dad naming a star

Forever in the Stars: A Timeless Memorial Gift to Honor Their Memory

Name a star to keep their memory shining brightly in the night sky, offering lasting comfort to those in mourning.

Name a memorial star

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Keep their legacy shining with a Memorial Star

Naming a star is a heartfelt and meaningful memorial gift that immortalizes the legacy of a loved one within the infinite night sky. This unique sympathy gift celebrates their life and symbolizes hope, creating a poignant and everlasting gift to remember a loved one.

A thoughtful way to keep the memory of a loved one alive in the stars.

Our star-naming service offers unique grieving gifts that provide comfort and a lasting tribute.

Lasting Memorial

Naming a star for a loved one provides a lasting memorial that remains visible in the sky for years to come. This tribute offers a permanent marker in the cosmos, constantly reminding you of the unique connection you had with the deceased.

Symbol of Resilience

Dedicating a star symbolizes resilience and continuity. It serves as a comforting reminder to those mourning that the values and inspiration of their loved one continue to guide and influence their lives.

Personalized Keepsake

Naming a star after a loved one creates a unique and tangible memorial. It offers a special way to remember cherished moments and celebrate the lasting impact of their life each time they look to the sky.

Continuous Support

A star named in memory provides a thoughtful and enduring sympathy gift. It offers a comforting point of reflection, supporting those in mourning by ensuring their loved one's legacy endures in the cosmos.

From the Press

"One of the most original gifts we've seen. Truly a gift that shines forever"

"A stellar way to celebrate special moments - naming a star is a gift that truly transcends the ordinary."

"A unique gift for those who have everything"

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Simply enter your registration number, and our app will guide you to the named star.

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Your phone will exactly guide your eyes to the position of the star at any time of the day.

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Get notified when your star rises above the horizon and gets visible

This app is one of the best I've used for stargazing! I highly recommend Star Registration in every aspect.

Michael J.

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I named a star in honor of a recently deceased dear friend. The personalized framed poster that contained my own words of tribute was a loving gift to his grieving family. Unlike flowers or a fruit basket, this will serve as a constant reminder of their loved one.


I bought this as a gift for a friend who just lost her mother. She said it was the most beautiful gift she had received and had brought her to tears. How amazing knowing u can look up at night and know there’s a star out there just for you. Highly recommend this to everyone.

Laura Lea

This was an amazing memorial gift for my daughter-in-law and family. They feel comforted by being able to see that star so clearly in the night sky. Thank you much!

Pamela Ruemmele

All offers include

Certificate & Star map for the named star

Certificate & Star Map

You will receive a personalized star certificate for your named star. We offer a large selection of different designs, as well as the possibility to add a personal dedication.

In addition, you will receive your personalized star map, which shows all important information about the location of your named star.

Factsheet and app for the named star

Factsheet & App

Each star naming set also includes a beautifully crafted sheet filled with useful tips and information, designed to assist you in locating your named star in the night sky.

Moreover, you'll gain access to our exclusive app, enhancing your star-searching experience. The app uses your phone to guide you, showing exactly where to look in the sky to find your named star at any given date and time.

Star Registration Gift Folder

Premium Gift Folder

All of your documents are neatly assembled in an elegant presentation folder, ensuring they are both well-protected and beautifully packaged, perfect for gifting.

This folder also includes intriguing details about the star registration process and the contents of your document package.

Name a Star

Full Gift Set on all Packages

All of our packages include a star certificate, celestial map, information sheets & the presentation folder!

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    • Beautiful gift set
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    • Planetarium App download
    • Factsheet about your star

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  • Name a Binary Star
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    • Name a double star
    • Visible to the naked eye
    • Beautiful gift set
    • Star Register entry
    • Online access to the Register
    • Planetarium App download
    • Factsheet about your star


    What makes this special?

    • Very easy to locate
    • Two stars orbiting each other
    • Brightest & largest stars

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Questions & Answers

What is a memorial star?

A memorial star is a unique and heartfelt way to honor and remember a loved one who has passed away. By naming a star after them, you create a personal and lasting tribute that can bring comfort and solace to those who are grieving. It's a meaningful and thoughtful gift that provides a symbol of eternal life and keeps the memory of the loved one shining bright.

A memorable gift

A gift that won't be forgotten

What is included in the memorial gift set?

Our gift set to remember a deceased person includes a star certificate with a personal dedication, a celestial map and a factsheet about the named star. Everything comes wrapped in a beautiful presentation folder, ready to hand over!

Memorial gift set

You'll get a full gift-set including a beautiful set of documents.

Unique Memorial Gift Idea

In times of loss, a permanent tribute can be a source of comfort and solace. Star Registration provides a special opportunity to name a star in the sky, serving as a lasting memorial gift. This unique gesture helps maintain the memory of departed loved ones in a vivid and tangible manner, with their legacy shining brightly from the cosmos.

Personalize Your Tribute

Customize a star naming certificate that reflects the unique essence of your loved one. Choose a star in a meaningful constellation and include a personalized message or dedication that captures key memories or traits. The beautifully designed certificate not only commemorates their name in the stars but also serves as a tangible piece of art. Each time you view the certificate, you're reminded of your loved one's special story and the legacy they've left behind.

A Legacy for Future Generations

The act of naming a star is not just an immediate gesture of remembrance but establishes a lasting legacy that future generations can recognize and cherish. It's a meaningful way to memorialize someone special, providing a specific celestial point for reflection. Whether it’s during quiet solitary moments or communal gatherings, the star named will serve as an enduring testament to a life well-lived.

Gentle Memorial for the Unseen

In moments of private loss, like a miscarriage, naming a star offers a touching tribute to honor a life that was eagerly anticipated but tragically brief. This unique memorial gift allows families to celebrate a child who was deeply loved, creating a lasting symbol in the night sky. This celestial dedication provides a comforting space for reflection and healing, with the star's soft glow serving as a gentle reminder of the little one, making their brief presence tangibly remembered in the night sky.

Sympathy Gift for Comfort

For those in mourning, naming a star after a loved one can be a profoundly respectful sympathy gift. It symbolizes an eternal presence that can be revisited through clear nights or via our advanced Planetarium App, offering a meaningful way to express your care and compassion during tough times.

Connect Through the Night Sky

This gesture of naming a star offers the bereaved a lasting link to their loved one. It enables family and friends to find solace as they look up to see a star that continuously reminds them of cherished memories and shared moments, providing a personal sense of closeness and comfort.

Enhanced by Virtual Tools

Our virtual tools augment this gift by allowing you to view the named star from any location at any time. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who cannot see the star directly, ensuring that the connection to the memorial remains strong regardless of physical location. It also serves as a focal point during memorial ceremonies or anniversaries, enhancing moments of collective or individual reflection.

A Versatile and Timeless Gift

The gift of a named star is adaptable and enduring, appealing to all ages and making it an excellent choice for both individual and group offerings. It stands out as an innovative, thoughtful, and comforting sympathy gift that goes beyond traditional offerings, providing a glimpse of the eternal in times of grief.

Create a Lasting Memorial in the Sky.

Name a Star

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