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About Star Registration

Trusted by more than 500.000 customers across the globe and with over 10.000 positive 5-star reviews, we are the leading provider to name a star and create a memorable experience!

Name a star with us and get a beautiful star certificate, a customized star map & exclusive access to our star finder app.

Create an unforgettable & everlasting gift.

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Only visible stars

At our star naming service, we take great care in selecting stars that are visible from your continent year-round. To ensure that, we'll ask for your location during the naming process. Our proprietary algorithm then ensures that you will get a star that is guaranteed visible!

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The Star Register

We are proud to be the exclusive partner of Star-Register.com, the premier registry for naming stars. When you purchase a star with us, it will be registered on their platform, and you can access it anytime using their dedicated iOS and Android App.

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Quick Delivery

Thanks to our many years of experience and streamlined processes, we can quickly register your star and ship your documents within just 2 hours. And to make things even more convenient, we will also send your documents as a PDF in advance.

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5-Star Reviews

We're proud to say our customers love us. The proof? Our 5-star reviews are through the roof. From our speedy delivery to our well visible stars and responsive customer service, our customers consistently appreciate the care we put into our service. Naming a star is a unique experience, and we're here to make it special for everyone.

Star Finder App

Together with astronomers, we developed the only app to find the named star in the night sky with augmented reality!

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Encontre sua estrela com facilidade

Basta inserir seu número de registro e nosso aplicativo o guiará até a estrela nomeada.

Realidade Aumentada

Seu telefone guiará exatamente seus olhos para a posição da estrela a qualquer hora do dia.

Notificações ao Vivo

Receba notificações quando sua estrela surgir no horizonte e se tornar visível

Todas as ofertas incluem

Certificate & Star map for the named star

Certificado y Mapa de Estrellas

Recibirás un certificado de estrella personalizado para tu estrella nombrada. Ofrecemos una gran selección de diferentes diseños, así como la posibilidad de agregar una dedicatoria personal.

Además, recibirás tu propio mapa de estrellas, en el que se puede encontrar toda la información importante sobre la ubicación de tu estrella.

Factsheet and app for the named star

Hoja de datos y App

Además, cada conjunto de nombramiento de estrellas contiene una hoja bellamente diseñada con consejos útiles e información que te ayudará a encontrar tu estrella nombrada en el cielo nocturno.

¡El acceso a nuestra aplicación ofrece una experiencia especial en la búsqueda de tu estrella! ¡Tu teléfono te guiará a dónde mirar para encontrar tu estrella nombrada en cualquier fecha y hora!

Star Registration Gift Folder

Carpeta de Regalo Premium

Todos tus documentos están empacados en una hermosa carpeta de presentación. Por lo tanto, no solo están particularmente bien protegidos, sino que también están listos para regalar directamente como un regalo!

También contiene alguna información interesante sobre el registro de la estrella en sí y los documentos incluidos.

Customer Reviews

Read some of our more than 10.000+ Reviews

I got the star for my wife for her Christmas present, She absolutely loves it. She tells me that it is the best present she has ever been given. We live in the country so the stars are out every night and she can be found gazing every evening.
I can’t praise Star registration enough for their product and service it was magnificent.


Lovely company to deal with. Kept me informed of delivery throughout. Excellent customer service when I needed to contact them, speedy and helpful.

Jeanette Buckingham

Great customer service, great communication and timely delivery of both the pdf and the physical copy of the registration. Would recommend to others

Blair Anderson

Ya it's a very unique gift . My wife was pleasantly surprised she didn't know that it was possible to name a star! A gift that any woman would love .

Terry Kozak

Amazing price quick service, and my partner absolutely loved it for valentines Day. It's really easy to do a really nice gift for anyone. The best part about it is that not everyone got one

Shaun Harvey

My daughter lost her father and I thought no better way to keep her spirits up by naming a star after him. I thank you, you did a great, quick and convenient job.

Kathy Foraker

Name a Star Packages

Full Gift Set on all Packages

All of our packages include a star certificate, celestial map, information sheets & the presentation folder!

Best Price Guarantee

Finding it cheaper somewhere else? We refund the difference

  • Name a Star Standard
    $ 39.90 $ 49.90
    Especial de Navidad - Guardar US$10.00
    • Nomeie uma Estrela Única
    • Visível a Olho Nu
    • Conjunto de Presente Bonito
    • Entrada no Registro de Estrelas
    • Acesso Online ao Registro
    • Download do Aplicativo de Planetário
    • Ficha Técnica sobre Sua Estrela

    Entrega estimada: antes

    PDF digital por adelantado
  • Name a Binary Star
    $ 99.90 $ 149.90
    Especial de Navidad - Guardar US$50.00
    • Nomear uma estrela dupla
    • Visível a olho nu
    • Belíssimo conjunto de presentes
    • Entrada no Registro de Estrelas
    • Acesso online ao Registro
    • Download do aplicativo Planetário
    • Ficha informativa sobre sua estrela


    O que torna isso especial?

    • Muito fácil de localizar
    • Duas estrelas orbitando uma à outra
    • Estrelas mais brilhantes e maiores

    Entrega estimada: antes

    PDF digital por adelantado

Why Star Registration

Guaranteed visibility

Together with astronomers, we have developed our own algorithm to be able to name stars that never settle below the horizon.

Good to know

If you decide to name a star with us, you can rest assured that it will be clearly visible from your given country and even continent!

We are Experienced

Naming a star for someone is a unique gift, so everything should go smoothly. We have been naming stars since 2012 and all processes are carried out with the highest standards and efficiency.

Choose an expert

We are experts in naming stars since 2012 with over 10.000 positive reviews!

Star Finder App

Together with astronomers, mathematicians, and app developers, we created an app that calculates the position of your named star at any given time, no matter where in the world you are!

Helpful information

After buying a star, you can download our app. It will help you and the recipient of the gift to locate the named star at any given time and location.

Name a star

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Questions & Answers

How is it possible to name a star?

We are a star-naming company that has partnered up with the Star Register in order to make it possible to name stars in the night sky for private individuals.

After you placed the order with us, we submit all the information about the star to the star registry and get your star named within a few hours.

Good to know

We are an official partner of the Star Register, that allows us to name stars for individuals.

Can I name several stars?

Yes, that's absolutely possible. One individual can name several stars in the night sky. There are no restrictions when it comes to naming a star.

Good to know

You can name multiple stars without any doubts. Each star registration will get its own entry in the register with a unique registration number.

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