The zodiac sign Leo


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Stormy, arrogant, dominant
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The zodiac sign Leo

Typical characteristics

Dominance, creativity, positivity, and extroversion are some of the personality traits a typical person born under the astrological sign of Leo has. They are very self-confident individuals who like to draw attention to themselves and captivate others with their positive attitude.

They have strong willpower and tackle new challenges with determination. They are not afraid of taking risks. Due to their powerful and brave nature, they often find themselves in leadership roles, just like the lion in the animal kingdom.

However, they can also be seen as arrogant and overconfident. Their dominant behavior toward rivals and lack of ability to accept criticism adds to this perception. When in conflict, the influence of the element of fire shows up, as they can be loud and passionate.

After all, Leo can also use their communicative and honest nature to turn these situations around for the better.

Especially in the circle of his closest confidants, he is therefore known as a reliable advisor with whom everyone feels well taken care of and secure. Towards them, he is always affectionate, loyal, and indulging. People with the zodiac sign Leo are especially appreciated for their generous and just nature.

The Leo in love

Leos are looking for true love, with whom they can experience and try new things full of passion and affection. It pleases them when others admire them for their happy relationship.

But the admiration Leo seeks is not just from others. They also want to be adored by their partner. Thus, they tend to prefer more reserved partners who still have their own lives. That is as important to them as having determination.

Once a Leo has found true love, they will protect and care for them, showing themselves to be generous and an actual family person. But their sometimes selfish behavior seems contradictory. Even so, Leos often put themselves first in the relationship. If someone gets too close to their loved one, they show their jealousy.

Leos are particularly compatible with the astrological signs of Libra, Aries, Sagittarius, and Gemini.

The easy-going Libra adapts well to the dominant Leo. The relationship between these two signs is full of passion and warmth. Both partners need recognition from each other. Together, they are a stylish and exquisite couple.

Leos share a love of life and desire for dominance with Aries. To avoid conflicts, deep communication is the foundation of their relationship. Their explosive characters sometimes clash, but these only briefly affect their mood. Because these astrological signs are very similar, many commonalities bind the partners.

Leo and Sagittarius make a strong team full of energy, willpower, and courage. Both love their freedom and respect each other's independence. The relationship between these two signs is full of passion.

The stubbornness of the Gemini appeals to Leo. It is the independence that attracts each others. They admire each other's creativity and love to be around others. Both dislike routine and are always looking for new friendships and contacts.

Women and men in comparison

Women born under the sign of Leo are independent individuals who always present themselves as strong and determined. Their appearance is often attractive to others, and they are aware of this, so they take great care of it and invest a lot of time in it.

Leo men use their charm to draw the attention of others, making it easy for them to meet new people. However, their pride and vanity can sometimes be intimidating.

Leo women and men share a strong sense of self-confidence and a desire for attention. They both enjoy being in the spotlight.

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