The zodiac sign Pisces


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Empathetic, cheerful, helpful
Overly sensitive, easily influenced
Dream and live!
The zodiac sign Pisces

Typical characteristics

People born under the sign of Pisces have personality traits described as sensitive, helpful, and lively. However, they also have characteristics such as being chaotic, oversensitive, and dreamy.

Many of them have a sixth sense that accompanies them throughout their lives. They have a keen sense of the situations and emotions of other people. Friends and acquaintances often come to them and pour out their feelings. They are always understanding and show themselves to be good listeners.

With a special delicacy combined with exceptional patience, they are happy to engage in conversations. These characteristics also reflect the element of water, with which Pisces are associated.

But because of their gentle nature, Pisces can also be too sentimental and react very sensitively, especially in conflicts. In general, they avoid fights, which often results in them not wanting to make their own decisions or being easily influenced by others. Their sometimes aimless attitude towards life also supports this behavior.

The Pisces in love

Pisces are hard to understand when it comes to love because, on the one hand, they like to be alone and can be distant. But on the other hand, they secretly dream of a partnership and affection. This conflict can make it hard to win over someone with this astrological sign.

But once they open up to someone, they love and understand their partner's needs and quirks. Pisces want to avoid conflicts and put their own desires second. When conflicts do happen, they react emotionally and can make a big deal out of small things. The constant putting of their own interests aside can make their relationships feel dull.

They are particularly compatible with the zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, and Capricorn.

Pisces and Cancer make a perfect match. They not only dream together but also live out their fantasies and show each other their deep affection. They have both found true love and hold on to it. Their relationship is very emotional and honest.

Pisces and Scorpio, another water sign, understand each other's emotions and can relate to each other's behavior. Scorpio is more assertive and can provide Pisces with the support they need.

Taurus may seem cold but is very open in familiar surroundings. Pisces can elicit Taurus' feelings and bring them to the surface. The many analyzing and careful approach of the Taurus is attractive to Pisces. The Taurus's jealousy will find no offense in Pisces's steady lovemaking.

Pisces can learn a lot from Capricorn. They find the stability and leadership they need in this earth sign. In return, Pisces can teach Capricorn to express and communicate their feelings. Mutual respect and affection are the foundation of a deep relationship.

Women and men in comparison

Women with the Pisces zodiac sign are reserved and sensitive. Their gentle, shy nature can seem mysterious and attractive to others. Once she opens up, she loves and devotedly cares for her loved one. However, she must be careful not to let her kind nature be taken advantage of.

Men with the Pisces zodiac sign are shy personalities who like to be around down-to-earth people. He is very empathetic and dreamy with his closest friends. He is very loyal and has a sense of romance. However, his dreamy nature can also seem chaotic and unorganized. Sometimes he just gets lost in his thoughts.

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