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Constellation Leo (Lion)

Constellation Leo (Lion)

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The constellation Leo extends with 947 square degrees proudly over the starry sky. It is very distinctive and easy to recognize, as it contains, among others, some easily recognizable binary stars and the particularly bright star Regulus. As the ecliptic moves through the lion, the sun, moon and planets travel through the constellation. That's why Leo belongs to the Signs of the Zodiac. Over the centuries, however, the time of the sun's passage has shifted. Leo lies between Cancer and Virgo.

How to spot Leo

The lion's head is accented by bright stars arranged in sickle-shaped form. The brightest star of the constellation Regulus represents the heart of the lion. Leo can be seen in the latitudes +90 to -65 during spring.


In Greek mythology, the constellation represented the Nemean Lion, which devastated cities, villages and fields. Nobody could kill the strong animal, as every weapon ricocheted off its hard fur. Only Hercules managed to approach the lion and finally strangle him with his bare hands. Subsequently, the lion was set in the sky in memory of all.

Interesting Facts

Leo is one of the oldest known constellations and was identified as a lion by ancient civilizations over 6000 years ago. The brightest star in the constellation, Regulus, has a surface temperature twice as hot as of our sun.