Buy a Star

Buy a Star

Can I buy a star?

First of all, it's not possible to buy a star in terms of owning it. But several providers allow you to name a star in the night sky and dedicate it to someone. is one of these providers where you can buy a star, name it and get a star certificate!

What do I get if I "buy a star"

You will receive a customized star certificate with your personal dedication written on it and a celestial map with all the information about the star you bought.

Additionally, every star we name gets a record in the official star register and they provide an own app to find the named star with ease. After the purchase, you will receive a registration number. Simply enter it and the app will guide you.

Can I own the star?

As already mentioned, buying a star is not possible and therefor, you also can't own a star. provides an alternative way to name & dedicate a star in the night sky.