The zodiac sign Aquarius


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Helpful, tolerant, creative
Inconstant, tense
Live and let live!
The zodiac sign Aquarius

Typical characteristics

The zodiac sign Aquarius, represented by the "Water Bearer," is known for its unique and unusual personality traits. People born under the zodiac sign Aquarius are considered charismatic, creative, and friendly. But tension and volatility are also qualities that could describe them.

Typical Aquarians are very social and love to help and support others. Their commitment is not only to a particular group. They help everyone who needs it and waste no thought on prejudices. Their extremely tolerant nature makes them friendly and sociable.

This, as well as the ability to achieve their goals in inventive, creative ways, is reflected in the element of air, which is assigned to them.

People with the zodiac sign Aquarius often stand out from the crowd. This could be due to their extraordinary personalities or their sometimes rebellious behavior. Because they are real free spirits with a head of their own. They do what they want, love their independence, and are not easily influenced.

However, their inventiveness and non-committal behavior sometimes leads them to act very erratically.

The Aquarius in love

Aquarians love their freedom. This applies to love as well as to everything else. Accordingly, they also like to remain independent in a relationship and go as usual after what they feel like.

But this does not always have to be alone. If an Aquarius is truly in love, he likes to experience adventures together with his sweetheart. Spontaneity must also not be missing in the relationship because he does not like boredom at all.

Aquarius gets along especially well with the zodiac signs Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius.

The dominant Aries leads this relationship, yet the two zodiac signs harmonize because of their strong imagination and characteristic cheerfulness. Both are very freedom-loving and can show a good relationship with appropriate communication.

With Libra, Aquarius shares his interest in aesthetics and art. The warmth of Libra envelops Aquarius and sometimes lures him out of his reserve. Both zodiac signs are associated with the element of air and complement each other wonderfully.

Sagittarius, like Aquarius, is a very lively and adventurous zodiac sign. Sociability, open-mindedness, and cheerfulness are common features that unite the two. They know how to respect each other's freedom and be faithful to themselves at the same time.

Women and men in comparison

Even though Aquarius women are very social and tolerant, they need a little more time to open up to strangers. However, their initially cool nature has nothing to do with rejection. They are fundamentally warm and very committed.

It becomes problematic when they cannot control their moody nature. Because then it quickly comes to conflicts with their fellow men. If it becomes unpleasant for a female Aquarius, she often seeks help in the cosmos, to which she finds good access through her spiritual vein.

Men with the astrological sign Aquarius are rather calm, almost aloof personalities. In conversations, they like to take the role of the passive partner first and only get involved when the topics become exciting in their eyes. This could also be a reason why they like to surround themselves with intellectually educated people.

Aquarians generally value their freedom and independence, which they would only give up for particularly close people.

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