Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park, United States

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park (KPPSP) is a vast 54,000-acre property located in central Florida, roughly 63 miles west of Vero Beach. It is one of the largest designated parks in this area and, since 2016, the first Dark Sky Park recognized by the International Dark Sky Association in Florida. This unique natural area is carefully preserved and protected, far away from the intrusive light pollution of urban and suburban areas. Thus, it offers excellent conditions to experience the night sky with its beauty of stars, planets, and other celestial wonders after the sun sets.

However, the park closes right after sunset you should plan your trip accordingly. Unless you do not have a Florida State Parks Family Annual Pass, you should book a room at the campsite and reserve an astronomy pad site in advance. As a Florida State Park Family Annual Pass holder, you have to sign up for an after-hours permit.

Also, remember that there are some rules to protect the area from light pollution, such as red spectrum light-only policies and no campfires. Getting a red flashlight might be helpful.

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33104 N.W. 192nd Ave., Okeechobee FL 34972, United States


Check the current environmental conditions to get the best view of the starry sky.


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