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Star Adhara

Star Adhara

The star Adhara, also called Epsilon Canis Majoris, belongs to the group of bright giants and is located in the constellation of the Canis Major.

Facts about Adhara

The star Adhara emits 38,700 times more UV rays than the Sun. It is especially known for being the brightest source of extreme ultraviolet of any known star. Adhara's surface temperature is 22,200 Kelvin, which gives it its bluish-white color. Furthermore, it is a binary star system and has a distance of 470 light-years. It has an apparent magnitude of 1.5mag and belongs to the spectral class B2. Adhara has 12 times the mass of the sun. 4.7 million years ago this star was the brightest in the sky, shining as bright as Venus. Nowadays Adhara is only one of the 30 brightest stars.