Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius is one of the three air signs and is subject to the influence of Uranus. They are seen as very advanced and possess a revolutionary character.


As a sign of the Zodiac that loves freedom, Aquarius is a joyful, carefree, and sociable character. He is very flexible and ingenious, but due to his high intellect and resoluteness, he may appear to be dogmatic. His principal discipline is tactics, and his instinct for situations allows him to react especially quickly. Motivated by idealism, Aquarius is very helpful and optimistic. He is able to quickly adapt to any new situation or relationship, which is also considered to be one of his weaknesses – he struggles to show loyalty as he needs constant change. The key characteristic is progressive life development.


Aquarius will get on especially well with the signs of the Zodiac Gemini, Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius.

Aquarius is on the same wavelength as Gemini. In their more rational ways and with the yearning for new knowledge, these two signs of the Zodiac have a lot in common. The basis of the relationship is a spiritual connection and a lot of personal things in common.

The dominant Aries will take the lead in this relationship, yet both signs of the Zodiac are in harmony thanks to their elaborate imaginations and characteristic joyfulness. Both love their freedom, and with the appropriate level of communication, it can lead a well-founded relationship.

Aquarius shares an interest in luxury, aesthetics, and art with Libra. The Libra’s warmth envelops the cooler Aquarius, thereby bringing the Aquarius out of his shell. Both signs of the Zodiac are associated with the air element and complement one another wonderfully.

Like the Aquarius, the Sagittarius is a very lively and adventurous sign of the Zodiac. The two are also united by their sociable, open-minded, and serene natures. They understand what it means to respect another person’s freedom while remaining loyal.


According to Greek mythology, Aquarius represents Deucalion, the son of Prometheus. He saved humanity from a flood created by Zeus by solving the puzzle of Apollo’s oracle. He was placed among the stars for his feat of heroism. Others claim that the name comes from the association with the rainy season. Even the Babylonians regarded this star sign as a sign of the zodiac.


The brightest star in the Aquarius constellation is Sadalsuud, which means “the luck of lucks.” It is located approximately 600 light years away from Earth. Aquarius is the eleventh section, situated on the 300th to 329th degrees of celestial longitude. According to traditional tropical zodiac astrology, the sun enters Aquarius on January 21st, where it stays until February 19th. In sidereal astrology, the sun transits the Aquarius constellation between February 16th and March 12th.