The zodiac sign Sagittarius


Nome latino
Punti di forza
Optimistic, open, honest
Punti deboli
Know-all, insensitive
It can only become good!
The zodiac sign Sagittarius

Typical characteristics

People born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign lead an active life full of adventure. They are very extroverted and stubborn. They go through life carefree and are always in a good mood. These personality traits, as well as their impulse, show the influence of the fire element, which Sagittarius is associated with.

With their open and optimistic nature, they quickly make new contacts and are always reliable towards them. However, their honest and direct communication can sometimes be hurtful, as Sagittarius lacks sensitivity.

They are curious and inquisitive personalities who like to share their knowledge and can come across as boastful or even arrogant. Ultimately, they are philosophical beings who enjoy their freedom to the fullest and dreamily go through life.

The Sagittarius in love

People with the astrological sign Sagittarius are always looking for adventures, which they also show in love. Especially in their younger years, they are often very erratic and are attracted by new stimuli. Therefore, it takes them longer to learn to appreciate stability in a relationship and to become more settled.

In a partnership, they are charming and know how to wrap their loved one around their finger. They also maintain their love on a friendly level and are up for anything fun. As is well known, they don't like boredom and are very adventurous. They love to travel and have adventures, but not only with their partner. They also need space for their own ideas.

Sagittarius is especially compatible with Libra, Aquarius, Aries, and Leo.

The Libra creates the balance for the always active Sagittarius. At the same time, Sagittarius prevents boredom, which is especially appealing to Libra. While Libra slows down Sagittarius's pace, Sagittarius challenges Libra to come out of its indecision. The two zodiac signs complement each other perfectly.

The practical Aquarius keeps the relationship with Sagittarius in balance. They share the love of adventure and the desire for freedom. They live their fantasies and have stimulating conversations. Loyalty and open-mindedness characterize both zodiac signs.

Sagittarius shares the joy of life and activity with Aries. They enjoy outdoor activities together, which enlivens their relationship. Their explosive personalities sometimes clash, but this only affects their mood for a short period of time.

"Difficulty" is an unknown word for Leo and Sagittarius. Together, they face every life situation with courage and strong willpower. Both love their freedom and respect each other's freedom. The relationship between the two zodiac signs is full of passion.

Women and men in comparison

Typical Sagittarius women impress with their relaxed and friendly nature. They are always positive and don't shy away from anything. Their open character is very attractive to others, so they often have many admirers without being aware of it.

Women with this zodiac sign are not necessarily looking for something permanent. They love their freedom and enjoy it to the fullest.

Men born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius are charming personalities who like to play with their charms. They are aware of them and know how to use them skillfully. They like to take care of themselves and keep fit with sports activities. In love, they are full of passion and love to surprise their loved ones with small gifts.

It becomes difficult for a Sagittarius man when everyday life becomes too monotonous, because he can't stand boredom at all.

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