Daughter and dad naming a star
Starry night sky

Name a star instead of gifting flowers

If you're looking for something unique and everlasting, name a star for him or her and hand over a personalized star certificate

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Name a star
Gift something everlasting

A great alternative to flowers is to name a real star in the night sky. You will not only gift something that will last for a lifetime, but also you can personalize the whole gift experience with a personalized star certificate.

Name a star and hand over a unique gift

Visible Stars

We only name stars that are guaranteed visible, so you will be able to find the star within minutes and without any additional tools required.

Star Register App

To find the named star, you can simply download our iOS or Android app, enter your registration number and let your phone guide you!

A great alternative to flowers

If you're looking for something to gift instead of flowers, you found it!

- Flowers usually last for about 5-12 days, whilst a star will shine forever.

- Flowers can't be personalized, but our star certificate can be personalized.

- You won't have to decide for a color!

- You can order it digitally and receive it within 3 hours.

- You can set the exact date & time when to deliver the star certificate. Flowers usually need more planning ahead to arrive in time!

Our gift set includes

 Certificate Icon Certificate

A personalized star certificate with all the details of the named star. It includes the registration number, the name, the coordinates, and other information. Additionally, you can add a personal message for the recipient.

Celestial map showing named star

 Map with pin icon Celestial Map

An individual star chart prepared just for the recipient. By using this star chart, the recipient will be able to effortlessly orient himself in the night sky and locate the named star within seconds.

 clipboard icon Registration

Your star will be registered in the Registry. Through a unique naming number, which will also appear in your certificate, you can retrieve your record anywhere in the world, at any time.

Our Gift Packages

  • Name a Star Standard
    Prezzo di listino
    $ 44.90
    $ 44.90

    Nominare una stella visibile garantita.

    Visibile durante tutto l'anno

  • Consigliato
    Name a Star Constellation
    Prezzo di listino
    $ 69.90
    $ 69.90
    $ 89.90

    Dai il nome ad una stella visibile in una costellazione

    Molto facile da individuare

    Consigliato per Astro-Layman

  • Name a Binary Star
    Prezzo di listino
    $ 99.90
    $ 99.90

    Dai il nome ad un sistema stellare binario

    Due stelle orbitanti molto luminose

    Consigliato per le coppie

Frequently Asked Questions

Why naming a star is the perfect alternative gift?

Most people nowadays have everything they need. So Flowers are quite a great gift, but they don't really last for long. But naming a star, you will make a gift that lasts for a lifetime.

Will the gifted person be able to see the star?

Yes, every star we name will be clearly visible from anywhere in the world. With our app, it'll be straightforward to find the named star, so you can go out together with the gifted person to find his or her named star!

Can I customize the Certificate?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of designs so that you can hand over a personalized gift certificate with your dedication! We also provide specific designs for kids, so they'll love it as well!

For which occasions do most name stars?

Naming a star is an excellent gift for any occasion. Due to our personalized gift certificates, you can adjust it to be a great fit, from birthdays to sympathy gifts. Most people name a star as a birthday gift, wedding gift, or Christmas gift. But also, on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Anniversaries we get great feedback!