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Sympathy Gifts to remember a deceased | Top 3 picks

Sympathy Gifts to remember a deceased | Top 3 picks

Loosing a loved person is never easy and to keep him or her remembered for a lifetime is even harder. From memorial trees, to naming a memorial star, the list of possible options is long.

Here is a list of 3 carefully selected sympathy gifts by the star registration team:

1. Naming a Star

Our first pick
Naming a memorial star, is our first pick. It's similar to planting a memorial tree, but with the advantage that you can see it every night shining in the night sky!

Naming a star after the deceased to keep him or her shining in the night sky forever is a great gift to remember the deceased! It's a symbolic gift that the deceased keeps watching over the left ones and accompanies them from the sky. It's truly a Sympathy gift that will last for a lifetime!

Name a memorial star

Star Certificate

2. Gifting a Tree

"Sometimes the best way to remember a lost loved one is with the promise of new life, especially new life as enduring as a tree. Majestic, mighty, and mysterious, trees give us hope for tomorrow and remind us that life is so much bigger than we think." - LittleSaps on Etsy

Plant a tree in memory of a deceased person and receive a beautiful gift certificate.

Get a tree

3. A memorial Star map

Starmoment gives you the opportunity to print the stars as they were at a specific date and location. That way you can either print the night sky map with the birthday stars of the deceased one or choose the date, when he or she left us. Additionally, you can write a personal message and print everything on a poster.
A one-of-its-kind remembrance gift to remember a deceased person!

Create a Night Sky Map