The zodiac sign Cancer


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Empathetic, helpful, friendly
Moody, resentful, cautious
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The zodiac sign Cancer

Typical characteristics

Cancer is a very unpredictable zodiac sign concerning personality traits - under it live both timid, withdrawn, and lively, extroverted characters. Generally, he loves spending time with his loved ones at home, but this does not mean he is unsociable.

Appropriate to the animal Cancer, the phrase "Hard shell, soft core" is attributed to him. Because people with this zodiac sign often need more time to open up to strangers. In the beginning, they behave more defensively and prefer to observe their counterpart rather than give away everything about themselves right away. Therefore, making new contacts is more challenging for some of them.

However, once they have thawed, they like to show their cheerful, caring, and emotional side. That also fits their element water. Their pronounced protective instinct and helpfulness make friends, and family feel very comfortable and safe with them.

When faced with criticism, Cancer people prefer withdrawing rather than dealing with the problem. If there is still a fight, they can be very resentful. Due to their sensitive nature and a very good sense of situations, they often seem oversensitive or even moody.

The Cancer in love

In personal relationships, a person born under the astrology sign Cancer is a mixture of hardness and softness, persistent and cautious, in intimacy emotional, faithful, and romantic. They are loyal to their family and see themselves as a protector.

However, Cancer is inherently skeptical and is always plagued by worries and fears. As a result, it may take longer for them to open up to someone else entirely.

Persons with this zodiac sign are particularly compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

In Taurus, Cancer meets a likewise rather domestic character who enjoys the company of others but also feels very comfortable in his own home. Due to his connection to the element earth, the Taurus likes to be cozy and pleasant, which suits the Cancer very well. Both unfold only in a familiar environment. The sense of order and security unites the two zodiac signs.

Virgo and Cancer can learn a lot from each other. Although Cancer seems closed initially, they open up to their loved ones with devotion. That is something that Virgo lacks due to their orderly nature, which makes them unable to express their feelings. Cancer, on the other hand, benefits from Virgo's structure, which they can lean on.

Scorpio is also a zodiac sign of the element water. They are aware of their emotional world and can understand the behavior of others well. Scorpio is generally more assertive and can support Cancer well.

Pisces also dreams of true love, just like Cancer. When they find each other, they will never let go. Cancer can dream with Pisces, imagine their future, let their feelings run wild, and always recognize their partner's affection. In their imagination, the two signs are very similar, which makes them a perfect match.

Women and men in comparison

Women born under the Cancer zodiac sign are very attentive and, at the same time, dreamy personalities. While remembering everything and not letting themselves be pushed around, they dream of a loving partnership with children. To feel safe and comfortable in their beloved home, they skillfully turn it into a beautiful place of well-being.

Men born under the Cancer zodiac sign are more delicate personalities. They need harmony and are extremely loyal companions. They avoid conflicts or quickly settle them with small gestures. If they are in a bad mood or feel misunderstood, they hope to be comforted and cheered up by their loved ones.

The commonality of women and men born under the Cancer zodiac sign is their romantic nature and the desire for a safe place full of love and comfort.

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