The zodiac sign Taurus


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Calm, empathetic, loyal
Stubborn, inflexible, headstrong
Enjoyment over haste!
The zodiac sign Taurus

Typical characteristics

People born under the astrological sign Taurus are considered laid-back personalities who enjoy spending time in nature and are very reliable. But also personality traits such as a strong will and stubbornness belong to them.

The astrological sign is associated with the element earth, which could explain the love for nature. There, people with this astrological sign find peace and time for themselves. Besides visiting art, theater, and other cultural institutions, Taurus also likes to take breaks, which he uses for creative projects. He is generally a true connoisseur but is happy with small things.

Towards other personalities, he always behaves loyally and can empathize well with others. Therefore, he is often also described as a rock in the surf who reacts calmly and relaxed even in conflicts.

Besides these characteristics, Taurus is still also headstrong and stubbornly tries to assert his point of view. Difficulties for him are mainly big changes. He is considered inflexible and likes to stick to the tried and true.

The Taurus in love

In general, a person with the astrological sign Taurus is more likely to be searching for a long-term relationship in which they can completely give themselves. Because they like to pamper and shower their partner with endless loyalty and love. This can also lead to Taurus being seen as very clingy.

In addition, respect is very important to them. If they don’t feel like the number one, they can become jealous and possessive.

Taurus is highly compatible with the astrological signs Pisces, Cancer, and Virgo. And also, with Taurus himself, he gets along well. Because no one can understand his character traits as well as a person born under the same astrological sign.

The Pisces emotionally draw Taurus out of the reserve. With their sensitive nature, they manage to get him to open up to them. Both astrological signs act cautiously and yearn for security. Taurus’s jealousy finds no foothold in the constantly affectionate Pisces.

With Cancer, Taurus meets a similarly home-loving character who enjoys the company of others but also feels very comfortable in their own home. Both characters only develop in a familiar environment. Tenderness, security, and sensuality form the foundation of this relationship.

Virgo is looking for a down-to-earth relationship, which fits the desire of Taurus very well. In this relationship, two earth elements that are very similar in their character combine.

Women and men in comparison

Women born in the zodiac sign Taurus are caring and warm-hearted. Stability in life plays an essential role for them. Therefore, they look for someone they can rely on in a partnership and who makes them feel safe. In general, they are considered to be connoisseurs and enjoy being surprised with romantic moments. If they are upset, they can also be explosive.

Men with the astrological sign Taurus are very good-natured and lovingly take care of their families. They often tend to have a traditional division of roles. This leads to them constantly trying to assert their opinion as the head of the family and being very stubborn.

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