How to buy a star
How to buy a Star
Name a Star

Everyone knows the phrase "I'll get you the stars from the sky". But unfortunately this is not so easy, because stars can not be bought, because there is no official ownership claim on them. However, there is the possibility to name a star of your choice. This star then keeps this name for a lifetime and is entered in the star register. This is why it's called "Name a Star" - it can be processed directly on our website within 24 hours.

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There are three steps to get your star: First choose which kind of star you want to buy, the standard, one of a constellation or a binary star. Secondly you can proceed to the details. You need to fill in a name, the date and a personal dedication for the recipient. Also you may add some pendants in form of a star. And last but not least, just wait until your certificate arrives and make someone happy with it!

All offers include

Your certificate will be printed on high-quality premium paper so it's the perfect gift. Consequently, we guarantee that your certificate will remain imperishable and brightly coloured for a lifetime.
Celestial Map
You will receive an individual star chart prepared just for you. By using this star chart, you will be able to effortlessly orient yourself to the night sky and locate your star within seconds.
Your star will be registered in the Registry. Through a unique naming number, which will also appear in your certificate, you can retrieve your record anywhere in the world, at any time.

Our offers


Name a guaranteed visible Star.

Visible throughout the whole year

US$39.90 Name a star now

Name a visible Star in a Constellation

Very easy to locate

Recommended for Astro-Layman

US$59.90 Name a star now
Binary Star

Name a binary star system

Two very bright orbiting Stars

Recommended for Couples

US$99.90 Name a star now